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We are starting LUXTURAL NEWS because of the many consumers and friends who have approached me directly with a desire to hear the “real story” of why (and how!) I was crazy enough to launch my own skin care brand. My husband Jeff has been patiently pushing me in this direction, telling me “Pnina, people want to know the person behind the brand.”
I felt a little uncomfortable talking about myself… the only thing that should matter is the quality of our products, and our products would (and do) speak for themselves.

In time, I started to see Jeff’s point. When a real person (as opposed to a faceless corporation) is the driving force behind a successfully emerging brand, people really do want to know more about that person. I have decided to tell the story of my personal journey in creating LUXTURAL™.

There’s some great news to share first! We have just celebrated the six-month birthday of LUXTURAL™ and we are so blessed…we honestly wish to thank all our supporters, bloggers, and customers for helping us go so far so fast.


When I started to imagine and dream about my own skin care products, I knew it would be a luxury skin care brand and that it would be “Prestige” and different. Exactly how, well, that’s the difference between a dream and reality.

I have thought through, thoroughly researched, and painstakingly measured every single aspect of these products. The concept, the ingredients, the formulations, the packaging, and even the way in which they are shipped, every little detail has been considered. I have strived to share my passion and to give our customers only the very best of everything.

A little history:

As strange as it may sound, as a young girl, I spent my free time in small perfume shops, (as if they were libraries or clubs) smelling, touching, feeling and exploring tubs, bottles, jars and whatever I could put my hands on.
I was looking at the sales women and admiring how smooth, velvety and healthy their skin looked… I was 12.

In my twenties, working as a flight attendant, I would arrive at the “big” cities of the world. Instead of going to visit beautiful locations, I was off exploring the beauty sections in the local department stores, learning about new innovative skin care while my friends were hiking up a mountain or seeing a good show.

I made friends with the sales people, bought the most expensive products and the most recently released skin care lines available, and I used them. I would ask for recommendations and even if they said it was anti-aging skin care for people ages 40 to 60, I still bought it and used it. The fact that I was in my 20’s didn’t hinder me at all. Nothing could stop my curiosity.

Back to work on the airplane, walking the aisles, I remember passengers stopping me and asking, what perfume was I wearing? How do I take care of my skin? I must admit I did have healthy skin that looked great and the compliments were very… pleasant.

I hate to say I love luxury! But I love luxury very much, and anything related to personal care, especially luxury skin care.

I like skin care so much; my friends from years ago still remember the endless jars of creams, bottles of perfumes and other personal care products that I brought back from my travels and victoriously displayed on my bedroom vanity.
I loved and still love to splurge and spoil myself with the best products ever invented.

To be continued…

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