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Luxtural®, Ultra-Luxury Skin Care

Monday, July 29th, 2013

New York, NY (June 13, 2013)

Luxtural®, Ultra- Luxury Skin Care, has never been more relevant than today.

Amongst the ever-expanding skin care market and the seemingly endless array of products and promises it produces, it’s easy for any consumer to get lost in the hype and not know where to look or what to look for.

The Ultra Luxury skin care market, known for decades to provide a more traditional approach towards treatment, continually provides consumers with an endless selection of products… especially when it comes to Anti Aging. The result is consumer confusion; cream for lines, cream for sagginess, cream for day, cream for night, this one for nourishment and that one for the neck, cream for stimulating and cream for brightening. The same for Serums etc, etc… the list goes on and on. Consumers keep looking and hoping as vast amounts of money keep flowing without knowing which products they really need or what kind of approach they should take – Scientific, Organic, Natural, Doctor, Spa treatments, or maybe have a special anti-aging facial? The “road map” for even the most knowledge clientele is becoming more and more blurred.

However, current trends in the personal care market show a significant growth of savvy and more discerning consumers, demanding greater clarity of product ingredients, product safety, efficacy, and quick results. People want fewer products in their everyday regimen while wanting “more” results and benefits, preferring products and ingredients that are backed by science rather than just marketing spin. Requests for greener products (tied to a Natural or Organic core) that are sustainable, are no longer just a whisper in the Ultra Luxury Market, they are actually becoming a trend.

A Niche To Be Filled:

Being a very savvy and discerning consumer herself, Luxtural’s Creator and CEO, Pnina Vilinsky, was “spot on”, when she accurately predicted the Luxury Market’s need for a safe and natural line. She noticed this gap in 2004, and took on the challenge of filling it.

Collaborating with top scientists, dermatologists and chemists, Vilinsky dedicated her significant talents, knowledge and passion to developing the first healthy, sustainable, safe, and remarkably luxurious anti-aging range, LUXTURAL®. “The Next Generation Of Luxury Skin Care™”.

Ahead Of The Curve In The Luxury Skin Care Market:

THE LUXTURAL ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE® was launched in January 2009.

  • It is the first line to answer Anti Aging skin care needs in 3 powerful multi-tasking Products.
  • It is the first line to use (both in quantity and quality), reputable active ingredients delivered safely via biotechnology, in collaboration with additional botanicals and an array of essential oils – without the use of parabens, mineral oils, or synthetic fragrances. All in one product. (Never tested on animals).
  • It is the first brand to successfully unite the finest aspects of diverse skin care philosophies (Luxury, Natural, Organic, Holistic, Scientific, and Spa) into one simple treatment.
  • The first line to use Pure Pacific Ocean Rain: soft and especially low in minerals and contamination, (collected without touching the ground).
  • In a “blind” clinical study by an FDA approved independent laboratory, found Luxtural® to have significant results.

Luxtural® was a pioneer in 2009 and today is proving to be more relevant then ever.

In 2009, these topics weren’t in the headlines or even in the industry consciousness and Vilinsky had the whole package on the shelves.

Due to the growing amount of information available to the consumer (pertaining to all facets of skin care and health in general), topics like natural, green and sustainability began to make headlines in the “news”, in turn triggering more interest, discussions, and concerns. Multi-tasking (one product that is able to address multiple issues) began grabbing headlines in the past year or so. “Multi Tasking in skin care” was one of the main discussions at the In Cosmetics Show in 2012.

The significance of water finally making the news.

Blue is the new Green, one of the main discussions at the In Cosmetics Show 2013 in Paris, shows that the real importance of water quality is finally gaining more and more attention in the industry. Though novelty waters have been used over the years, it has never been used (or even thought of) as a delivery system. It’s relevance; water makes up the majority of the formulations in most skin care products.

  • Luxtural went even further down the road in originating the concept “Deep Hydration” believing that: Real Anti-Aging Starts with Proper Hydration®, a major step in preventing premature aging of the skin. A key position in the brands philosophy.
  • Using Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater took hydration to a totally new level, with a remarkable display of Deep Hydration and with significant results and performance. (Backed up in a clinical study by an FDA approved independent laboratory).
  • Pnina notes, “Rain is the most natural and original ingredient that exists in nature”. It is the source of all life, and sustenance. (Scientists exploring our universe, look for signs of water to find signs of life.)

The Luxtural’® skin care line addresses all aspects of your skin’s aging needs, prevention and correction (with the exception of cleaning or exfoliating).

The Luxtural Ultimate Experience™

Mystique Fountain® – Facial Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist (3.4 fl. oz.)

The first step in the Luxtural® skin care regimen, Mystique Fountain, feels like a gentle mist of ocean rain. A superb hydrator for any skin type; It tones, calms, cools and refreshes the skin while naturally protecting it from environmental damage.

Silk Premonition®- Facial Deep Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion (1.35 fl. oz.)

Luxtural’s Silk Premonition, rich with exceptional active ingredients, botanicals and essential oils, enhances the skin through long lasting deep hydration and highly advanced anti-aging benefits that allow your skin to see immediate results after 1 application. Very light and quick to absorb.

Sophisticated Veil®- Facial Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizing Serum {1.2 fl. oz.)

Sophisticated Veil works to prevent the skin’s biggest challenge: premature aging. Providing you’re skin with effective and advanced anti-aging ingredients while immediately enhancing your skin, making it appear plump and firm with a bright, supple look.

Concept and ingredients:

“We believe that when advanced technologies are used as a vehicle to safely bring nature to your body, wonderful and healthy things happen to your skin.” – Luxtural®

“We carefully chose each of our ingredients for their effectiveness, quality, benefits, and safety.” Many ingredients exist in different forms or types, as well as the location of where they are produced. In Vilinsky’s opinion, “this is crucial in how they perform” in overall efficacy and safety.

Among the active ingredients are:

  • Pure Pacific Ocean Rain: it is clean and pure, collected on a site that was carefully chosen because of its unspoiled location, collected without touching the ground, preventing it from having added dissolved minerals and organic substances, contaminants or toxins that may exist in the soil.
  • LUXTURAL® EEC – Exotic Extracts Complex: is unique and exclusive to LUXTURAL®, rich with moisturizing and antioxidant properties. This unique complex supports the skin’s ability to heal as it soothes and calms, and is made from a one of a kind blend of exotic fruits, plants and flowers. This complex of extracts is highly concentrated allowing the skin to fight free radicals, a main factor in premature skin aging. Some of the extracts we use are: Orchid, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Sea Buckthorn, Rose Of Jericho… and many more.
  • Natural Preservative System – based on honeysuckle and other plants.
  • We are using an advanced system based on biotechnology, along with a smart delivery system that enhances the bioavailability of ingredients. The chosen ingredients using this technology are renowned for their skin repairing properties and for their anti-aging qualities.
  • Seaweed – for its superior anti-aging qualities of water retention and supplying the skin with essential vitamins and proteins.
  • Peptides – great anti-aging qualities of fighting skin aging, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and firming the skin.
  • Cerimides – for enhancing the natural protective barrier of the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – (in 2 forms: Microencapsulated and free form, to strengthen its natural qualities) for keeping a high level of moisture in the skin and drawing more moisture from the air into the skin.
  • Natural oils including: Borage oil, used since ancient times and well known for its soothing properties and richness in essential fatty acids, which help to relieve irritated and damaged skin.
  • Rosehip oil, used since ancient times. Rich in essential fatty acids and valued for its benefits in reducing scarring and reducing the appearance of wrinkles naturally. It also contains Vitamin A, very important for the skin.
  • Evening Primrose oil – used since ancient times for its known properties of fighting extreme dryness and softening the skin. It is also rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Essential oils – used for healing and repairing the skin while creating an exclusive natural aromatic scent.

For a complete list of ingredients, please contact support{@}

You can find the Luxtural® range at Henri Bendel NYC (5th Ave.), Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge London, and Fenwick Bond St. London, (soon at the Urban Retreat Spa at Harrods).

You can also find Luxtural® at

Their online store:

For more information or questions, please contact: support{@}

Or call the Luxtural offices at: +1 201 794 6353

About the Luxtural Rain

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Rainwater was used for thousands of years by ancient cultures for purifications and holy rituals, which were frequently a symbol of new beginnings – the rebirth of a person and their soul. Today, as was the case back then, RAIN was considered a “gift from God”. Our Rainwater is clean and pure. It is collected from a site that was carefully chosen because of its particularly superior location. The Northern Pacific Coastline, with its exceptionally clean air and its ocean winds, which carry the moisture rich clouds from their original place of creation – the “Pacific Ocean”, resulting in a new, soft, fresh, clean RAIN.

Rain Water From a Different Point Of View

English version

Italian version

Go to Rain and Science

Edition 1

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

We are starting LUXTURAL NEWS because of the many consumers and friends who have approached me directly with a desire to hear the “real story” of why (and how!) I was crazy enough to launch my own skin care brand. My husband Jeff has been patiently pushing me in this direction, telling me “Pnina, people want to know the person behind the brand.”
I felt a little uncomfortable talking about myself… the only thing that should matter is the quality of our products, and our products would (and do) speak for themselves.

In time, I started to see Jeff’s point. When a real person (as opposed to a faceless corporation) is the driving force behind a successfully emerging brand, people really do want to know more about that person. I have decided to tell the story of my personal journey in creating LUXTURAL™.

There’s some great news to share first! We have just celebrated the six-month birthday of LUXTURAL™ and we are so blessed…we honestly wish to thank all our supporters, bloggers, and customers for helping us go so far so fast.


When I started to imagine and dream about my own skin care products, I knew it would be a luxury skin care brand and that it would be “Prestige” and different. Exactly how, well, that’s the difference between a dream and reality.

I have thought through, thoroughly researched, and painstakingly measured every single aspect of these products. The concept, the ingredients, the formulations, the packaging, and even the way in which they are shipped, every little detail has been considered. I have strived to share my passion and to give our customers only the very best of everything.

A little history:

As strange as it may sound, as a young girl, I spent my free time in small perfume shops, (as if they were libraries or clubs) smelling, touching, feeling and exploring tubs, bottles, jars and whatever I could put my hands on.
I was looking at the sales women and admiring how smooth, velvety and healthy their skin looked… I was 12.

In my twenties, working as a flight attendant, I would arrive at the “big” cities of the world. Instead of going to visit beautiful locations, I was off exploring the beauty sections in the local department stores, learning about new innovative skin care while my friends were hiking up a mountain or seeing a good show.

I made friends with the sales people, bought the most expensive products and the most recently released skin care lines available, and I used them. I would ask for recommendations and even if they said it was anti-aging skin care for people ages 40 to 60, I still bought it and used it. The fact that I was in my 20’s didn’t hinder me at all. Nothing could stop my curiosity.

Back to work on the airplane, walking the aisles, I remember passengers stopping me and asking, what perfume was I wearing? How do I take care of my skin? I must admit I did have healthy skin that looked great and the compliments were very… pleasant.

I hate to say I love luxury! But I love luxury very much, and anything related to personal care, especially luxury skin care.

I like skin care so much; my friends from years ago still remember the endless jars of creams, bottles of perfumes and other personal care products that I brought back from my travels and victoriously displayed on my bedroom vanity.
I loved and still love to splurge and spoil myself with the best products ever invented.

To be continued…


Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

We believe that Pure Pacific Ocean Rain is the best source of hydration that exists.
It is the only water we use.

We were very fortunate to get Professor Eilon Adar, a world-leading authority and Hydrologist, to speak about rainwater.